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The Irish Tenors – Beautiful Dreamer

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Language proficiency

Language proficiency is important in becoming fluent in any language. It is important to utilize as many resources as possible to ensure the language being learned is not just being absorbed by the student but also being taught in an efficient manor by the teacher. Language proficiency in any language is important. There are ways to test proficiency. There are language proficiency tests that are utilized by many and most people learning a new language. These tests are commonly used in schools as a way to show proficiency in the language. Adults have used theses tests as well in an attempt to learn a new language for work, socialization, or just for a hobby. These tests offer five categories and six sub-categories, testing the four main communication skills. These skills are; speech, reading, listening, as well as writing. Skills need to be developed in all categories in order to ensure proficiency. Language proficiency is the most important piece to becoming fluent in any language.

More Than 50 Online Publishers Install Ambiance, Sophias Ambient Ecommerce Platform, Within the First Quarter of Availability


San Francisco, California (PRWEB) April 09, 2014

Sophia (, the pioneer and market leader in ambient ecommerce, today announces that more than 50 online publishers, including SlashGear, Neowin and eTeknix, have installed Sophias AmbianceTM platform within the first quarter of availability.

Ambiance is a fully-automated, scalable, cloud-based solution that dynamically identifies and showcases relevant products, based on what the consumer is viewing in real time. Pioneered by a team of AI experts, Ambiance minimizes consumer blindness to irrelevant online advertising. It uses sophisticated contextually-aware content analytics to marry both sides of the ecommerce equation enabling consumers to discover relevant products in real-time, and publishers and retailers to substantially increase revenues. Ambiance is already delivering click-through rates up to 50 times greater than current industry standards.

Already showcasing products from one of the worlds largest global online retailers, Ambiance is exciting publishers with its performance.

Sophias Ambiance platform is a landmark moment for publishers. We are in the age of personalisation yet content that sits alongside editorial is often anything but. The result is low click-through rates and obtrusive ads that can compromise the look and feel of a pages layout, says Ewdison Then, co-founder, SlashGear. With Sophia, this has all changed. Ambiance fits in seamlessly with SlashGears design, took minutes to install and delights consumers by the relevancy of the products showcased.

When the Sophia team showed us what Ambiance was capable of, we immediately saw its potential from a commercial perspective, says Steve Parker, co-founder, Neowin. Our readers are interested in the hottest tech available on the market and so the ability to ensure were able to offer up contextually relevant recommendations based on what they are reading at that moment in time, rather than what they searched for yesterday, is hugely beneficial. As readers are able to quickly access additional info about the products theyre reading about, we have seen substantially higher click-through rates, way beyond those that traditional online advertising methods are capable of delivering.

As a publisher and editor its important for me to be delivering the most appropriate and relevant content to my audience, whether thats through my articles or the ads being shown on my site, says Andy Ruffell, co-founder and publisher of eTeknix. I detest seeing low-quality, irrelevant ads that appear via the exchanges, which have no benefit to my audience. When I installed Ambiance, my editorial staff and I were more than pleased to see relevant product images and information being shown to my users. As a result, my click-through rates improved 2,300 percent the stats speak for themselves.

Online publishers have been going through a very challenging time in recent years, with underperforming and often intrusive approaches to advertising creating ad blindness among users, says Dr. David Patterson, CEO of Sophia. Ambiance solves this problem by serving up recommendations that are contextually relevant to what they are reading at that moment in time without compromising a users privacy.

The results speak for themselves and the fact that so many online publications have installed Ambiance within the first quarter of its availability is testimony to this and the products scalability. We have received a fantastic level of interest from major publishers and retailers alike across sectors such as technology, health & beauty, automotive and fashion since launching and we look forward to announcing additional customers in the very near future.

About Sophia

Sophia is the innovation leader in ambient ecommerce. It is a venture backed company who specializes in automatically extracting precise meaning from content and then accurately relating that to products that consumers want. Sophia is headquartered in San Francisco, Calif. with offices in Belfast, N. Ireland and St. Petersburg, Russia.

For more information, please visit:

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Customer support


Customer support can offer many services to help your businesses growth and ability to prosper. Outsourcing such services can allow for your business or company to focus solely on the important internal issues at hand. When you have a customer support team to rely on, you no longer need to worry about things such as; customer service, complete network monitoring, data backup and cloud services as well as other external factors that could potentially cause a business to spend more money. Customer support can also save your business the hassle of setting up an area, complete with computers, and the expense of the software, which can be extremely costly when needing to pay out for all of these services. Many large businesses and companies, with growing needs are turning to a customer support agency to help their business grow and prosper, without the hassle, time constraints or expenses to the company

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Carmax Naperville

Carmax Naperville is know for their reputation, customer service, on site servicing, as well as their certified pre-owned cars, thus setting them aside from their competitors. Carmax Naperville has many options to choose from when looking to buy a new to you, certified pre owned car. Buying a car can be an extremely overwhelming, but an exciting process as well. There are many things to take into account prior to purchasing a new car. First and for most would be your budget, this will help ensure you wont have issues with your payments, which could result in repossession of your vehicle. Secondly, you need to know if you are able to be financed or if you purchase will be a cash purchase. Third, and probably the best part, is picking your new vehicle which also has many options to making the final decision. Carmax Naperville can assist you throughout the entire car buying process.

Former Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty dies aged 64

Former Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty dies aged 64
Former Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty has died, just one month after stepping down from the position he held since 2006. Mr Flaherty, who oversaw the $ 40-billion stimulus package that helped Canada weather the global financial crisis, was 64.
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Global Medical Devices Market – Focus on Asia, Americas, Europe (East & West
The package includes medical device country reports from the following countries: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, …
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New MD Says Bakery Investment Is On the Cards


(PRWEB UK) 4 April 2014

2 Sisters Food Group has appointed Lochlain Feeley to the newly created role of Bakery MD.

The position will see Feeley head up the companys Bakery team based at Gunstones Bakery in Dronfield.

Feeley brings a wealth of experience, having enjoyed a 30-year career in food industry management. His most recent position was that of MD of Greencores Northampton food to go site.

Speaking about his new role and plans for the companys Bakery business he was very clear on his reasons for choosing to join 2 Sisters:

Im delighted to join the company particularly at this point in time. To be successful, food companies need to deliver value for all their stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, owners and investors. For me, this starts with organisational ambition and focus a sense of purpose anchored in understanding customer needs. Then its about fully engaging people and creating excitement and passion for who we are and what we do. And then, importantly, delivering on our promises to stakeholders.

We are in a very challenging sector, theres no doubt about it but the opportunities are still there. Whats great about 2 Sisters is the scale of ambition and ability to adapt quickly and respond to change and opportunities. Theres a willingness to invest both in terms of capital and people wherever potential exists. 2 Sisters has already announced major investment at several sites this year and I expect that Bakery team will be taking advantage of this appetite for investment very soon, so watch this space!

Feeleys arrival at 2 Sisters is the latest in a string of new senior appointments at the company, including innovation director, April Preston. It also follows capital investment announcements at a number of sites including Carlise and Cambuslang earlier this year.


For further information, please contact:

Nick Murray, Head of Communications

M: 07876 577282

Email: nick.murray(at)2sfg(dot)com

Debbie Mather, Group Communications Manager

M: 07702 924430

Email: Debbie.mather(at)2sfg(dot)com

Notes to editors:

About 2 Sisters Food Group:

2 Sisters Food Group is a leading UK and European food manufacturer with annual sales of around

Connemara Sunset


Time Lapse with Gopro Hero 3.

Trucking jobs


Trucking jobs are something that may peak your interest if you have a CDL. These jobs all require a commercial driver’s license. If you are someone who works well under the pressure of a strict deadline, this may be the right job for you. Many trucking jobs give the driver an opportunity to see sights and views many will never have the pleasure of experiencing. These kinds of jobs can be lonely, driving long hours, sometimes throughout the night. Many think of this as a great way to tour the country. This may be the case, but because of scheduling and deadline, there will not be much time for relaxing or sight seeing. This is a job that allows you to see sunsets and sunrises as well as different animals and other creatures nature has to offer. Some like the long hours which also include long periods of day off at a time. If thinking about applying for trucking jobs, make sure this is a job you can handle.