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Delphi: Adventures in luxury? Yes please!
Nestled in the Connemara Mountains, the resort is all about adventure lifestyle with a twist of welcome luxury. It was a long journey from Dublin, but visions of bunk beds and tales of school trips from yesteryear were quickly diminished when we …
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Boston mayor to explore business links on visit to roots
Last night he was guest of honour at a special “homecoming night of celebration” with family, friends and neighbours at Screebe House Hotel in Connemara. Today he will lay the foundation stone for an Emigrants Commemorative Centre in Carna, which will …
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Solar tub skylights


Solar tub skylights are a great investment for your home. If you are having problems with lighting in your home but don’t want to do the expense of adding more light fixtures, you might want to look into these skylights. These are not like other skylights though. You might be surprise to know these don’t have to be on the floor with the roof. You can use these on the first or basement floors. They allow you to bring in natural light from outside without worrying the major reconstruction of the home. You will find that your home will  look more open and that the colors in your home look more vibrant.  By bringing in more natural light there are many advantages. Not only are the colors more vibrant but now you don’t need to worry about turning on lights during the day to see through your home. Solar tube skylights have given many people the ability to feel better because they are getting vitamin D from the sunlight in your home. Also being able to see in your home you might find yourself keeping up with the dust because you can now see the dust.  These skylights can be put in by professionals in as little as two hours.   If you are a do-it- yourself kind of person then it will only take a day to put up. You don’t have too worry about many of the problems you have with other skylights like leaking, and you will find that all the rooms in your home will look better and make you more refreshed because of all the sunlight.  There are many reasons you will want to switch over, but you will find when you do switch that you will wish you didn’t take as long to switch ever again with the solar tube skylights.

capSpire Ltd. Moves to New Office Location in Cork, Ireland


(PRWEB) September 30, 2014

capSpire Ltd., a strategic advisory, system integration, and technology solutions firm, is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Cork, Ireland. The location, which officially opened in September, will allow the firm to better serve its existing European clients and continue its strategic expansion overseas.

The move to Cork, Ireland is an exciting milestone in the evolution of capSpire Ltd. The new office offers state-of-the-art facilities in a vibrant, entrepreneurial location, which is a hot bed for thriving young international firms. We will be neighbors with many established and reputable companies including EMC, Dell, VMware, and Apple. I am confident the new office location will allow capSpire Ltd. to better serve our European clients as we continue to strategically expand our overseas operations, says capSpire CEO Lance Laubach.

Additionally, capSpire hired Dave Webb to serve as Managing Director of capSpire Ltd. In his new role, Webb will define and implement the firm’s overseas strategy, oversee day-to-day operations, and build on the companys initial success throughout the region. Webb brings with him fifteen years of global experience in the commodity trading and risk management and financial services technology industry. He previously served in senior management positions at Opportune, Bord G

Maggie Kennedy – The Hills of Connemara


Maggie Kennedy – The Hills of Connemara

from The Very Best of Irish Folk Ballads

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EJC 2014 – European Juggling Convention | Millstreet, Ireland


Apoie / support: More than 22 minutes of juggling madness on the 37th European Juggling convention (EJC 2014) in Millstree…
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Convenience and Food Choices: Speak Nutrients Reviews


Vitamin Availabilty in Food Choices: Speak Nutrients Reviews

Convenience Drives Our Food Purchases and Plays a Major Role in How Most People Choose Foods

In order to restore the balance, we need to make sure that we are including healthy doses of omega-3 oils in our diets. Nourish Life have added vitamin E, in d-alpha and gamma tocopherol forms, to their formulation. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant, and works with Omega-3 to support neurological health and provide essential nutrition. Vitamin E also helps to preserve the omega-3, and provides additional benefits to the body by supporting the lipid layers of our cell walls.

Nourish Life’s Quality Ingredients are Readily Available to the Body

The company’s omega-3 oils are molecularly distilled and exceed purity standards in the US and Europe. By using the Speak nutrients line of products, you will be providing your family with only the best in supplementation and making sure that your money is being invested wisely.

For Those Who Prefer a Liquid: Speak Smooth

For those who are not huge fans of the gel caps or twist off caps, the company has designed a liquid that is like a smoothie. The formulation is the same as the Speak formulation and delivers the same high quality nutrients. One bottle, which contains 30 tablespoons, is equivalent to 60 capsules. The oils in the Speak smooth formula are emulsified, which means that they are even more readily available to the digestive system.

The Newest Member of the Speak Family: Speak Pure Oil

For parents looking for an easy way to give Speak to their children, the company just came out with Speak Pure Oil. The new oil, which comes as a liquid in a bottle, contains seven key nutrients. It features a pleasant lemon flavor. Parents will appreciate the drip-proof cap.

Creating Products With the Greatest Care for Your Child’s Health

It might be surprising to note that many supplement manufacturers do not take very much care in creating their products. This carelessness, however, is not a part of Nourish Life‘s philosophy. The company has created these high quality products to nourish your child’s mind and body. The formulas are free from allergens, chemicals, and artificial additives. You will feel good about providing your children with a wholesome supplement to make their diet as whole as it can be.

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Mountjoy Square sparks Notting Hill-style revival


Mountjoy Square sparks Notting Hill-style revival
For years they have been bringing high-brow cultural events and community social evenings to the area which also happens to be Ireland's hardest hit unemployment blackspot – six out of 10 adults are unemployed. Earlier this month the Society held a …
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Treasures go under the hammer at historic Foxlow homestead near Canberra
More than 300 people attended the sale of landscape paintings, portraits, art deco jewellery, exotic Chinese antiques, high-quality mahogany furniture from Ireland and Persian rugs. Tensions were high and the pace was fast as Lawsons auctioneers Simon …
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Road tripping in Mexico, working with ex-cons – then putting it all on YouTube
Paul Deering, 20, and David Shaw, 21, were among about 7,000 Irish students who this year took the rite of passage to the US during their summer break – a trip which took them from the west coast to across the border and back up the country's eastern …

Video: Two held in Leeds after yacht is seized in £62m cocaine raid
NCA Branch Commander David Norris, who is leading the investigation, said: “This has been a complex and fast moving investigation, involving law enforcement agencies in the UK, Ireland, Europe and South America. “Our enquiries are continuing, and we …
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2012 7 18 Connemara Ponies at our cottage


Ireland Clifden Sky Road.
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Nature’s Health Watch and NourishLife Speak Review


NourishLife Speak Review Thoughts From Nature’s Health Site


The manufacturer’s website that is dedicated to this supplement provides plenty of information for interested parents, including a frequently asked questions page, information on clinical trials done on individual ingredients and more. However, it is important to note that the scientific information shared on the product is based on tests done with individual ingredients and not the supplement as a whole.

Final Thoughts

The premise behind Speak SpeechNutrients is rather intriguing for parents with children who are struggling with their speech and looking for a natural means to improve their issues. It is important to recognize that there are no clear clinical studies that have been done on this specific product and solely on its ingredients, which means that it cannot be officially recommended for use. However, if you still plan on using this supplement with your child, be sure to consult a pediatrician before adding in any type of dietary supplement to their daily diet.

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No-fly list rules get changes


No-fly list rules get changes
Abe Mashal was unable to print his boarding pass before a flight out of Chicago four years ago because he was on the no-fly list. Posted: Wednesday, August 20, 2014 4:46 am. No-fly list rules get changes. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration is …
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Pope makes tough sell on materialism in South Korea
Pope Francis is greeted by the faithful upon his arrival at Solmoe Shrine for Korea's Catholic martyrs in Dangjin, South Korea, on Friday. Posted: Friday, August 15, 2014 4:38 am. Pope makes tough sell on materialism in South Korea. DAEJEON, South …
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